Painting on glass

So much for the “how”. There’s also the “what” to think about. For still life with two objects I decided to do a tree on a grassy surface: I know it’s not what was asked. Mixed pale blue, green and the darkest colour I could make with red, yellow and blue all together. Painted the pale blue negative shape around the tree and the ground.

Negative shape

Patchy, some parts thick, some textured with the brushstrokes. Knew that the brush marks would show but just coloured in with them anyway.

Added the green- some parts went on thicker than others- tried to make it more textured in the foreground.

Positive shapes

 Used a soft brush to do the darks on the tree- these went on quite thick, and when the plate was pressed they spread a bit bigger than I had planned.

Took a ghost print and did some backdrawing to add definition.

ghost print with backdrawing

Felt ready to move on. Will go back to it when I have clearer idea of what I’d like to do with these effects.


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