Monoprint markmaking

Used A4 glass plate and selection of brushes

Experimented with:

two colours, brush swirls and different densities of colour, mixing on a palette and on the glass

two colours

drier/ wetter colours diluted with a little water or retarder

wet/dry, textures using brush

making textures on the plate with a brush by dragging the brush through the colours.

scratching lines with the end of a brush

scratching, wetter and drier

splattering wet colour


reapplying colour after first print

reapplying ink

using acrylic paint instead of ink

rolling on a layer of colour then wiping off

ghost prints

Just trying to get a feel for it.


Textures one gets from drier paints

Hard edges from wetter ones

Spain, somehow....

Texture of colour applied by roller

Interesting textures from using a brush

Flattening/ spreading of thicker/ wetter paint into a larger blob

Copier paper more absorbent than cartridge

Acrylics very sticky and wet

Different textures of the inks from the bottles- blue quite runny.

Yellow ink quite transparent: add white to make it more opaque.

ghost print with added ink

Ghosts prints can be quite effective

I made the classic mistake of trying to reproduce a French butcher’s blackboard with the day’s offers written on it, forgetting that the writing was reversed.

basic error


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