Still fumbling

I am still fumbling with the techniques and  on subject matter- natural forms vs stylised shapes.

Of the natural ones, this was the most effective. Various flowers were used to make an impression on the printing plate in green ink, then I pressed some flower heads into red ink and printed with them.

Flower heads

I experimented with positive and negative prints of leaves.

Landscape- I’m still coming to terms with this using this medium. Tried out a vaguely landscap-y rollered background- different colours roughly rolled on to leave white patches, then textures/masks used. Masking/ texturing materials used:

torn paper




bubble wrap


grass seeds

Also used backdrawing with a second inking in a contrasting colour.

I tried to use a sketchbook for ideas:  but this feels so different from other types of painting that I’m not sure how to use my sketches. In reality I’m working straight onto the plate.

The landscapes didn’t work at all. Too random. Didn’t think these textures worked.

textured landscape 2

masked, textured and backdrawn landscape

Tried wiping off technique. This one was from a small photo of Matisse, using a cottonwool bud to wipe ink off.


Starting to feel slightly more comfortable with this medium. Main problem is I don’t know how to choose from possibilities offered by monoprinting.

Finally took an A2 print from my inking plate. Scratched some writing into the colours. Remembered to do it backwards this time!  Heavy watercolour paper didn’t pick up ink that well though.



And this is the fourth or fifth time I have tried to get this blog to publish what it shows on  the editing page. If it deletes pictures and moves text to the sidebar once more, I’m deleting it and going back to Blogger.


One thought on “Still fumbling

  1. At last, my edits have been updated. I don’t know if it’s me or this programme, but I’m torn right now about whether to continue it or go back to Blogger, and redo everything now, as opposed to later on. Not impressed. Went onto WordPress Help and got the message “We’re all on holiday right now!”….

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