Landscape again

painted landscape

Medium: Printing inks

Subject: landscape- method- removal/ wiping

Right, this works better. Made a first print and then painted over the plate with a brush and added more colours.

Now, I think I need to do something a bit more planned


The plan was to try another Spanish landscape, with undulating ploughed fields, rows of olive trees, fields of sunflowers, different textures, a bit knitted looking.

Started with a sketch on A4- yes, a quick one taken from some of my other quick sketches.



 Placed it under my glass printing plate and painted lines in blue, using a brush. Suggested olive trees with dots and showed rows in different directions. Printed it, having fixed my printing paper with masking tape to the left of the plate, so it could flip over and stay in place.Took a ghost print, and traced the image of the lines through to the other side.Placed this tracing under the glass plate and cleaned it.

Mixed some salmon pink and painted on solid shapes, which I then removed paint from, using a tissue, and some more lines to complement the existing ones.Cleaned the plate and rolled on some transparent yellow on the bottom half of the plate: wiped this around the shape of the foreground field. At the same time, mixed a pale orange and painted it onto the fields of olive trees in the middle distance. Used pale blue to fill in the sky area and wiped with a tissue. Printed.

I was going to leave it at that, and took the paper out of the masking tape, then decided to add another stage, some more solid green. For this, I used the sketch that was still under the glass plate and made a mask from it, leaving three areas of green and adding cypress trees in the foreground. I put the paper back, but somehow managed to get it in the wrong place so the green came out wrongly registered. I do tend to rush and do things sloppily, which shows up here terribly…

landscape with olives

Anyway, it was an experiment, and I quite like the effects of the interplay between solid shapes and texture. I need to control the registering better, and make use of the possibilities of wet/dry ink.


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