Backdrawing series from a single plate

Multi uses of glass plate

Now have realised how long the ink can stay on the plate. I have had no time for the past week to do anything, and left a plate with a rolled layer of grey ink on it. It’s had sun shining on it daily. Finally used it today. Am also now aware of how much ink I wasted at the start.

Started with a sketch from life; Keith doing his crossword.

First sketch

Backdrawing 1: using an HB pencil and fine point pen, with some shading. This one is pale and delicate. Soft. Of course the ink is fairly dry now, so I did use pressure.

First backdrawing: pencil

Backdrawing 2: using the tines of a fork and a serrated knife. Much harder and angular.

second backdrawing: fork and knife

Backdrawing 3: coloured paper, using a wooden spoon- the back of the spoon and the handle. Went over outlines with fine point. Quite loose in its effect.

third backdrawing: wooden spoon

Backdrawing 4: damp paper and HB pencil, finger pressing on shaded areas. This one looks quite simple, a basic outline. I should have done more with the pencil.

fourth backdrawing: damp paper

Print 5: ghost print from glass after backdrawing 4, showing impression of that drawing and the previous ones.

ghost print

Print 6: using washing up liquid and a very little water to wet the glass, I tried to create brush marks textures, but these have become pressed into a splodge. Perhaps should have left them to dry a bit.

wet brush on glass

Print 7: second impression from glass, a bit drier, but not very clear.

gost print with drawing

Starting to run out of paper: not used to this kind of production rate!


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