Monolithic shapes

Monolithic shapes

Feeling a little frustrated with monoprinting, or at least painterly monoprints, as they look a bit fussy.

After seeing the exhibition “Rupestres” I decided to work with more simple shapes: I liked the work by David Nash “Three Stripes”, as it put me in mind of standing stones, which make a statement yet defy interpretation.

I used a bit of backrubbing to get a smokey effect on this single negative masked shape, inspired by Three Stripes.

Standing Stone I

In this positive masked shape, the use of coloured textured paper adds atmosphere to a very simple image; by pressing on some parts of the edge more than others, the outline is kept quite rough. I rubbed the positive shape directly with ink on my finger to add some rough texture to it.

Standing Stone 2

This double masked image was done by making a suggestive pattern using a wooden spoon on the back of the page during the positive masking, and leaving some gaps in the white ink in the negative one.

Standing Stone 3

Finally a ghost print from the white inking, on black paper.

Standing Stone 4

I’m happier with these simple images than ones I’ve done so far: their simplicity seems more effective than the fussy decorativeness of the earlier ones. It’s a question of subject matter.

But I haven’t succeeded in keeping the subject matter as ambiguous it could be. This would be something to explore further.


One thought on “Monolithic shapes

  1. This was done using an intuitive approach- designing from an image that simply came into my head, rather than something that emerged from a series of sketches. In fact, I quite often just get a vision of a painting, and don’t know where it’s from. But this approach seems to be less valid in an assessed course than one which allows the steps and stages in production to be observed.

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