Module 3 Project 8 Reduction prints: practice

First reduction print.

I decided to do something quick to start with, having learned from experience that there are always mistakes to be made that one is not forewarned of in the course folder, so it’s better not to invest too much in the first attempt.

Decided to do a picture of one of my dogs. Ever since I heard of one of the OCA tutors being brutally sarcastic towards a student who chose her dog as a portrait subject, I have been perversely determined to do this. Chose a quick iPhone sketch of Jessie.


I did a quick drawing on lino, keeping a circular shape, and only having a few cuts for white highlights. My plan was to do a light brown layer, followed by a black layer, then some small highlights in another contrasting colour such as lilac or red. I also wanted to do these prints in pairs- with the title “Sleeping dogs”. They wouldn’t come out identical, and this would be fitting, as Jessie is a mongrel- and no two are alike.. (This was a theme the SPCA tried to use recently to persuade people to adopt more mongrels.)

I mixed the brown, did some single images, then realised the registration for the paired images would need to be planned, so cut out a jig from mounting board, with two openings for the prints. I also made a couple of prints using water-based gold ink, on smooth brown craft paper.

Two days later I did the black layer, and found the jig worked well for registration.

Jig: using a pencil to raise the first image while printing the second

What I forgot:  to keep a print of the first single layer.

Once they were printed, I didn’t think the highlight I had planned would be very good, so am leaving them at two layers.

sleeping dogs vertical

Sleeping dogs horizontal



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