Project 8: Reduction Print: My yellow bag

Yes, a yellow handbag. Seems insignificant and somewhat girly/ bourgeois as subject matter, but it’s a key possession for me as it carries everything necessary for functioning. And I love the yellow colour. The yellow of Gauguin and van Gogh. My favourite colour.

my yellow bag

Started with sketches.

Then made drawings of layers on tracing paper.

Then cut layer 1 and printed 15 copies (Never sure how many to do!) using yellow mixed with just a touch of red and white to give it a bit more body. I was undecided what kind of background to do. Detailed ? too fussy and distracting. Tiles? Likewise. Plain yellow? Boring. Horizontal lines maybe. Decided on a sunburst design- a cross between a Chairman Mao propaganda poster and the wrapping of a Tunnock’s caramel wafer, which I though would give it the air of an iconic status….

layer 1


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