Project 10: experimental mark making: not for the want of a nail….

Project 10

After trying out other materials, I went back to lino. Still wanting to do another self-portrait by Gauguin, but aware of the difficulty of doing anything but straight lines with anything that would cut deeply enough to make an impression. But I tried again. If the course designer could inscribe a floor tile with a nail, surely I could inscribe a bit of lino with one! Well, yes I could, and I could also sandpaper it, and use the edge of a scissors on it, but, the fact remained that I couldn’t make any significant marks or anything  worth printing when I wasn’t restricting myself to straight lines. At this point I felt I wanted to give it up and move on. I have produced images I am pleased with by using other markmaking tools. That’s not what’s asked for in the assignment though, for some reason. Instead, one is supposed to produce something that shows contrasting markmaking. I have tried that in the Gauguin “Self-portrait with Yellow Christ” picture already and hoped to improve on that one, but don’t seem to be able to.



One thought on “Project 10: experimental mark making: not for the want of a nail….

  1. How much do you think the problem – the frustrations – came out of a starting point of a particular image, having to be forced into what felt like a straightjacket of a prescribed technique?

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