Chine Colle; double printing

Chine Colle; double printing

So far, my Chine colle technique has involved using only a single ink layer. According to the course folder, creating multiple print layers “adds depth and interest”, but I’m frankly not convinced by the example shown.

But I could see the point in creating a first layer to help place the second. So I dug out an old lino cut- my first one, of Lalinde canal, and decided to use my hand-coloured hand-made paper once more. Two colours, yellow and blue, no overlap, so no running. I used an edge part of the dyed paper, and a portion which had some white patches, so that it would help suggest the reflections on the water. The lines of the trees form the first print do create a bit of depth. The ink on the rough surface of the yellow paper adds texture and the glue has made the blue run a bit into the white, so there’s a pale blue that has emerged as well.

I’m not overly fond of it though. It’s just a bit decorative and bland perhaps.


One thought on “Chine Colle; double printing

  1. I saw a print recently (in an exhibition) where the tissue paper used for the chine collee was actually white – but a different shade of white to the printing paper, such a small difference I couldn’t see it at first. Also, it covered the entire printing space. So, very different to any chine collee work I’d seen before. It was in a series of woodcuts by Judy Macklin, coming out of a period at Amsterdam’s Grafisch Atelier – all about water and how it changes by being channelled, following on a series of previous projects on water and rivers. I can’t find images of this series online to point you to, though as an example of a subtle way to use chine collee, I don’t think the subtlety would show at all in reproduction, so you’re maybe not missing anything!

    I’m still enjoying your blogs – seeing what I’m coming up to next in this course! I’m still working on the final project in the relief printing (linocut) project.

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