Chine Colle: the whole picture, success..

Chine Colle: the whole picture, continued

This was a return to the Kneeling Woman, and an attempt to simplify. Just do the obvious. Sky blue, body beige, ground, red, suggesting bleeding. Yes, ok, that last bit maybe not so obvious.

I really like these. The simplicity has paid off and the missing parts/ overlaps add meaning- the way the woman is imprecisely framed, the way the sky presses down along with the cut marks, the way her body is inexactly defined and is doubly wrinkled and worn, and acts as a channel for the blood that flows out of the frame. I see her as a symbol, a faceless everywoman and the ordinary commonsenseness of the colours accentuates this. The limited range of colours also is reminiscent of old children books, which in my memory were often printed in black, red and blue, but I could be misremembering something. Anyway it feels retro.

I find this a very powerful image, and in fact it even shocked me when the first one emerged. I wondered if it was too overt and maybe distasteful. But even if that’s the case, I’m sure these are the best prints I’ve produced so far.



4 thoughts on “Chine Colle: the whole picture, success..

  1. The first one is fantastic Christine! The places where the chine colle miss eachother leaving the white are incredibly thought-ptovoking. Like on her forehead, like her mind is trying to escape her situation, or is being damaged. And that part of our bodies which is so delicate above our hips and below our ribcage, on her right-side. Looking at it, for some reason, I feel complicit in her torture. Great print. 🙂

  2. So – one piece of blue paper, one piece of beige paper and one piece of red paper? All tissue papers, or heavier papers? I’m wondering because of the colour density.

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