Series of Prints on a Theme: Enchantment Version 1


Version 1

One block, grey lino. A4 block. Printed with oil based inks.

This was going to be two blocks, but once I started, the delicate, perhaps more of a woodcut style, just became irresistible. Actually, I did try out a sketch in coloured crayons, so see how a multicoloured version would look, but decided it would be unsatisfactory. I would just be comparing it with the acrylic, and it would fall short in terms of the colour range and subtlety. So, a single colour print, cut with fine lines. I’ll print it on tissue to pick up all the details. I’m currently keen on the combination of delicate cutting and delicate tissue paper.

Here is the completed print, in dark blue on white tissue. I’m told it suggests moonlight, and that it evokes the sense of a traditional Irish story, the King of Lir, a tale of children turned into swans which ends with a fateful meeting on a lake. Well, I didn’t know this story before, and had already named the print “Enchantment”.

Printed on white papier de soie.

It does evoke moonlight, and that’s because it’s somewhat darker than I had originally planned. I’m torn with this one, whether to cut more or leave it alone.    The trees on the left are very dark, and it’s tempting to put more detail into them, but on the other hand, they’re unimportant, and more detail would just detract from the central image. Another thing I could do is just cut off an area to the left, so that here’s not so much dead dark space- but is that space atmospheric? I like the small cuts, but wonder too if I have after all fallen into the trap of making it a bit too stylised, too patterned, just what I wanted to avoid after looking at Escher’s prints. Yet the bird-shapes in the reflection in the water add to the strangeness too. I don’t know. I’ll come back to it.

This is ti printed on mulberry paper. Also very soft, it has a texture of its own which has added some interest to the dark areas, and it’s softness means it picks up the details really well.


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