Assignment 5 Supporting Statement

Link to Supporting statement


3 thoughts on “Assignment 5 Supporting Statement

  1. I see that- except it’s maybe a bit misleading, as the “assignment” page is not really my blog, but is simply meant to help my tutor locate the relevant parts for each assignment. Therefore it is pared down to just the images being submitted for each of the assignment briefs. The thinking process is shown in the blog, which is referenced. In fact, this was the format my tutor requested me to follow. I do though try only to include things that are directly relevant to the course and its assignments, as I suspect it could be rather tedious for tutors and assessors to trawl through screeds of stuff. At the end of the day, surely it’s the images that really matter!

    • Oh, no! Not in this era of reflective practice! As I’m starting to think about sorting all my own stuff from this course as I head towards assessment, and starting to look forward to the next one, thinking about how I might do a different type of logbook next time, all sorts of threads keep coming up about the quality of the documentation of the learning process. Documentation that’s very much a combination of words and images, the visual plus the evidence of conscious awareness and reflection.

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