Project 5

Test Print

Using a plastic substitute for lino, as that is all that’s available in the art shops, and  cutter with interchangeable blades, quite a nuisance to change all the time.

Sampler: Tried different cuts, marks, directions, then used Rugby World Cup logos as inspiration. Had no ink at that point, so could only do a rubbing to get an idea how it would look.

I tried using increasing pressure to make deeper, thicker cuts with the same blade. Tried, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curving, broken and dotted lines- I was thinking about the patterns of landscape at this point. I tried to use a rocking motion to created more jagged lines. I think I was onto the 8th square before I really started think about the raised areas being the positive shapes, and tried to create a sculpted block, the arched shape with radiating lines. I tried to do this again with rounded shapes, cutting away a large amount of background,  which was quite hard, in the stamen shape. By contrast simple “etching” a shape of a flower, in square 10, was relatively simple. I further experimented with the etched and sculpted shapes, using some rugby logos as inspiration. The main Rugby World Cup logo of the rugby ball also suggested using a series of parallel lines of differing thickness to create areas of light and dark and thus imply a shape. I tried this again with a small “sunset” image and the image of a bird. In a couple of squares, I simply improvised and let the blade cut in a way that felt “natural”, which involved short, tapering marks.

test print