Assignment 3

Task 1 (Project 8) My yellow bag

Link to My yellow bag

and My yellow bag finished

This is 5-colour reduction print based on realistic sketches of an actual object. The colours are realistic to a degree. On the other hand, the object is depicted as “iconic”  by floating in space against a backdrop of a sunray effect, which references certain retro images, and which is also rather fashionable at the moment. So I was trying to give it a contemporary look, mixing design elements with those of realism.

Registration was achieved through the use of a jig. It didn’t work every time. When it goes off, the effect is painful on the eye, due to the number of layers: this is in contrast with the sometimes attractive effects of misalignment when fewer layers are involved.

The paper is a lightweight cartridge paper. I’m having difficulty finding a wide range of papers, but to be honest I’m not sure what a different paper would have added to this image.

When I reached the last layer, I did wonder if ti was really necessary, although it adds a certain sharpness to the image. I have read somewhere that it’s a good idea to alternate warm and cool colours- that would have been an argument for making the last layer dark red perhaps, although purple isn’t that cold a colour either.

I think the image works ok technically. Compositionally, maybe it shouldn’t be so centred. The background is a bit of a cliche, I know. I could have made the gradation of yellow to orange in the background using dabbing or rolling on two colours. This would have been better.

Earlier practice of reduction print linked here

Further practice here 

Task 2 (Project 9) Test prints

Test print


This was a journey from cynicism to revelation, one might say.

The rough cuts were expressive of landscape forms and lent them selves to being printed in different inks and on different paper, in different orientations. I’m glad that I used cut-off strips for this exercise, as I might not have thought to print them in rows otherwise. The rice paper and water-based inks added to the visual link with Chinese landscape painting.

Test Print on rice paper

Task 3 (project 10) Ich war

Another interesting journey, starting with runes, Gauguin and a crucifixion and ending up with Hitler. All about memorials, and done on Easter weekend, appropriately enough.

This is a simple image, and I’m glad to have ended up using black and red, as this evokes mid-20th century propaganda posters. The image and the words also have lots of resonances, as outlined in my blog post. The words “Ich war” can be read as both an affirmation of having existence, or a reminder that it was the past. But mainly, I hope it is the absurdity of the image that comes over. It’s small sized image too, which is also fitting.

I keep thinking less is more in printing. I’m less keen on the multi-layered ones I’ve done, although that is no doubt the problem of my own design.


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